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Filipino Australian Health Workers Association (FAHWA)

ABN: 50500364843

WA Charity Licence Number: CC22597

FAHWA is a non profit, incorporated and licensed charitable organisation. Our aims and goals are to:

  • give back to the community through our outreach programmes, delivering health promotion educations using our skills as health professionals
  • undertake activities such as provision of food and basic necessities to the homeless and other disadvantaged group of people in our community
  • promote and foster Filipino and other cultures through dances and music and observance of Filipino and other customs, festivals and ceremonies.

FAHWA is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Australian Charities and Not-For-profits Commission (ACNC)
Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Helping The Homeless


Due to the increasing numbers of homeless people we have decided to help as much as we can by contributing to their immediate welfare when they are sleeping on the streets. We have given hygiene and food packs, sleeping bags and blankets.

Health Promotions


Our health promotion is mobile assessment, screening for diseases and symptoms by taking blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These services will give early identification of conditions of lifestyle diseases such as hypertensions and diabetes.

Mental Health Support


We aim to collaborate with mental health institutions & charities where possible in Australia. Read more about our collaborations with St Barts, with whom we undertake health promotions and education, and Swan Care, where we assist residents with their quality of life.

Emergency Response Awareness


We aim to have the knowledge and skills of basic life support in order to administer CPR, to buy time, preserve life and prevent the situation worsening, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.


We need your help

FAHWA believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.

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If you are a health worker currently working in hospitals and other health settings, click here to join us today


COVID-19 Relief Outreach

FAHWA has teamed up with Canning Vale and Melissa’s Groceries in Western Australia to distribute COVID-19 Relief packs to international students and 457 visa holders that were left vulnerable in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘COVID-19 Relief Care Pack’ is a gender-neutral pack which contains essential hygiene items (e.g hand sanitiser and wipes ), a few kilos of rice, canned goods, pasta, noodles, instant coffee, tea bags and long life milk as immediate aid while they are waiting for monetary relief from their respective employers and universities.


Domestic Violence Outreach

One of the most pressing social problems of our time is the scourge of domestic and family violence. It is an issue that cuts across a range of social demographics and different age groups. It is an issue that does not discriminate in that it affects women of all cultural backgrounds. The prevalence of this issue has disproportionately impacted on the Filipina population in Australia, many of whom have migrated to Australia to join or marry their Australian partner.

Unfortunately, the significant rise of reported domestic incidents in Australia over the past decade has placed many Filipinas in Australia at risk of family violence or worse. Consider the case of Filipina Charma Annear who was murdered by her Australian husband (Mervyn Annear) in 2016. Ms Annear’s death came after a sustained period of domestic abuse inflicted upon her by her Australian husband. At the time of her death Ms Annear was in a new relationship and 5 months pregnant.
In the interest of protecting all women in Western Australia, the Filipino Health Workers Association (FAHWA INC) in conjunction with the Peel Multicultural Centre recently hosted a domestic violence presentation given by a local Perth lawyer (Alan Gomes).

  • Domestic Violence Outreach
  • Domestic Violence Outreach
  • Domestic Violence Outreach
  • Domestic Violence Outreach
  • Domestic Violence Outreach
  • Domestic Violence Outreach

The presentation focused on the issue of domestic violence, what constitutes domestic violence, how to apply for a Restraining Order, immigration concerns, accommodation services in addition to holistic and counselling services that are available to victims of domestic violence.

Mr Gomes said, “that the most important thing is to protect yourself from an abusive partner and have good support around you”.
If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, then it is important to get help sooner rather than later.

Statistic shows that there is a significant increase in reported domestic violence in Australia.

For this reason,  we applaud Barrister and Solicitor Alan Gomes for sharing his expertise on this matter for free. Thank you for educating us with this growing problem in our community. We now know the steps on where to go, what to do and name of organisations that can offer help and support for the victims.

Your passion to help women  who are experiencing domestic abuse is incredible!

To conclude,  always remember that it is NEVER okay for someone to hurt, abuse or threaten you.

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If you would like to volunteer at our upcoming events including our Health Promotions and Outreach Programs, contact us for further details. 

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Events


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What our volunteers say

“It is very rewarding being able to volunteer for FAHWA’s Outreach Programs and provide assistance in the community. Thank you FAHWA for providing the opportunity.”

Tootsie Abuyabar

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Services Abroad

ABN: 50500364843
WA Charity Licence Number: CC22597


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